Saturday, May 16, 2009

Congress ki JEET,BJP ki Defeat,Left....NO NEED.

The verdict is finally out....It promised to be a humdinger of a contest but in the end turned out to be a tame encounter. Congress gave its best since days since 1991, BJP delivered what it did in 1991.But it was LEFT which touched nadir.

Congress cut into Left's share in West Bengal( through Trinamool) and in Bengal which were considered to be the bastions of Communists. Then it also cut BSP and SP's share in UP where it decided to go Solo and delivered beyond even the most optimistic expectations. It only suffered in Bihar but it was due to some really good work by Nitish kumar. Some populist measures in TN led to DMK winning majority of seats despite the Anti Incumbent atmosphere prevalent there( distribution of TV sets, kg rice for Re 1).

Another remarkable fact was the trends which emerged. It clearly shows that the PRO Rural, farmer centric policies of Congress did bear some fruit and LEFT was punished for being too much pushy and still being in old times. Nuclear deal would have hurt them severely. BJP suffered due to its policies and lack and absence of young leaders and its precisely where congress scored by devolution of some responsibilities to leaders like Rahul Gandhi, milind deora, Scindia .BJP also suffered on behalf of Varun Gandhi and due to Jinnah debacle....Surprisingly Varun emerged victorious from his constituency.Rahul Gandhi won by more than 3,00,000 votes.

A low point in these elections was the Turnout percentage...Inspite of never before publicity, campaigns the percentage of people who voted was below expectation. The heartening fact was the indian electorate used a good measure of prudence in casting vote.

Dr. Manmohan Singh is all set to come to power again and it will be only since Nehru himself. But these elections surely brought out the politician in him if see some of comments which he made at opposition which is quite unlike his usual self. This time without left it would be good chance for him and Congress to carry out PRO industry policies.

But congress should be careful and wise enough not to ignore the COMMON MAN since it was the LEFT which used to discipline the congress every now and then. After all it is the COMMON MAN which has brought the congress back to power.
The verdict should receive a good response from the markets when they open on MONDAY considering that markets always desire stability of govt and with LEFT probably out of equation Congress will have more LEGROOM to carry out certain unfinished agendas.


  1. gem of an article!!!i think the market will rally a 1000 points up on monday and the rally will continue for long.


  3. thank you let's wait and watch the market tomorrow!

  4. That was really a nice article.
    nice language. sums up all the drama that has been taking place in the past few months

  5. CPI being out will help foreign relations and as well as the market.i think manmohan will do good 4 the market

    ( according to rishab !!......he wants me to increase traffic !!!....)

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