Saturday, May 16, 2009

EU Slaps INTEL with more than a Billion Dollar Fine..

After Microsoft it is now turn of INTEL to be sued by EU court of Competence for unlawfully hindering the growth of competition for Chips in which INTEL is the dominant market leader but is facing competition from AMD in some markets....The fine was slapped citing the reasons that INTEL was giving discounts to the PC makers who were using the INTEL chips which included companies like HP, Dell etc....This was done to keep companies like AMD at bay......It was also found that Intel had bribed a retailer for keeping only INTEL chips available......AMD chairman welcomed the move by saying that it would open the market by imposing lawful restrictions on companies which try to go beyond the law to gain market share........

I am sure that AMD would have surely thrown up a big party after this news.........


  1. hey i would like to correct u...INTEL was not sued...the matter was was something between AMD nd INTEL...nothing abt the chip...all rumuors

  2. has been found by EU.AMD was just one of the competitors,there were others as well.



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